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just another dandy fellow
29 September 2008 @ 12:07 pm
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just another dandy fellow
28 October 2007 @ 02:05 am
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just another dandy fellow
17 October 2007 @ 11:07 pm
As predicted Julie Taymor did a stunning and fantastic job of visuals and casting.

cameos by BONO, Selma Hayak, Eddie Izzard and Joe Cocker

music fans or art fans will love it....

its worth the $10 and near 3hrs

This movie makes you wanna sing, dance, write draw and paint all at once with the choice beatles songs included....

You better love it... Its best seen in theatres too... the sound and size WILL make a difference

(its the one good film this year)

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just another dandy fellow
02 October 2007 @ 10:18 am
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I am so lucky.... the most beautiful sight in the world and i can call it my own
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just another dandy fellow
16 September 2007 @ 02:27 pm
I just saw the best, the most honest and the most creative add for a product of its kind at


Never has this issue been dealt with in a humourous, interactive, creative and open way....

I commend you PLAN B....

just another dandy fellow
06 September 2007 @ 02:56 am
just another dandy fellow
15 August 2007 @ 12:27 pm

This is a tribute to Adam Pearson...whom I love
just another dandy fellow
30 July 2007 @ 03:43 am
F1: Somewhere out there,
beneath the pale moonlight,
someone's thinking of me and loving me tonight.

2: Somewhere out there,
someone's saying a prayer,
that we'll find one another in that big somewhere out there.

2: And even though I know how very far apart we are,
it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star.

1: And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby,
it helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky.

Together: Somewhere out there,
if love can see us through,
then we'll be together, somewhere out there,
out where dreams come true
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just another dandy fellow
Well aside from being happy that I have the most lovely boyfriend and I have found a delightful song that I havent heard in almost two years.... Now that I have returned- I am consumed with the task of dodging reality. I am quite depressed. I find myself sleeping more and more to avoid the world when I awake. I am quite in debt at the moment and technically homeless. I am having much troubles with applying for school and my phone bills keep stacking up. I cannot pay for my student loans. I cannot eat (were I not residing from house to house.) I cant go back to London til I get $1600. my tax returns havent even come in yet. I am grateful for the people who have helped me and I am so happy I have been able to count on them but each day I avoid thinking of any of this... I cant make this money back. (and before you whine and say i shouldnt have gone to Quebec- my lovely boyfriend was gracious enough to cover that...so shut the hell up)
I dont even know why I am venting here. Probably to avoid actually crying by talking to someone. And I know no one reads this anyway. I never get comments anymore... nor do people vote on my polls. Even now if I post pictures it takes about 2 weeks to get a comment and i know that i never get IAM mail lately. I feel fairly alone. And many of my friends have left or dont care to help nowadays-with even emotional things. I havent talked to my best in person for 9 months or so... I havent heard from one who left me....i guess i am a horrid person. And greg doesnt really speak to me anymore. I dunno if I hurt his feelings or if he even cares to have any about me anymore(friendship wise)... The only people who Talk to me now are dad, adam and emma.... Even mommy donna doesnt care so much...

I feel quite alone.... though apparently I am quite rich emotionally because i have a lot of friends...wherever they are
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just another dandy fellow
04 July 2007 @ 07:24 pm
To whom it may concern: I am taken. My heart is captured by the enchanting Adam Pearson, who i hope, has no intent to give it back. So don't bother falling in love with me. Thank you ...The management

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